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User Reviews for Alien10

Great app but sound bug kinda blows (Edit, found a fix)

Everything is pretty much faithful to the original omnitrix as far as effects and visuals go, my only gripe is that the sound used to be a considerable amount louder which I enjoyed, but after not using the app for a while and coming back to it, everything seems very soft even when I use the in app volume controls to set it at maximum If that gets fixed then definitely 5 stars! Other than that I’ll keep it for the novelty 😅 Edit: the sound issue can be fixed if you can go into your messages (any messaging app or video capable) play a video on your watch and use the Digital Crown to turn up the volume of the media, then exit and the volume of the omnitrix app will also be turned up I think it’s because the watch uses specifically media volume to play sounds from this app, so now that I know this, great app definitely 5 stars!

craxer34, Feb 27, 2023
Must have for Ben ten fans

I love how it only has the classic aliens and not any from stuff like Omniverse or alien force. I also love how there’s a self destruct mode. There’s definitely stuff to add. Maybe add more options like master control like if it was on there would be no time out but if you had it turned off it would eventually go red maybe like 5ish minutes would be good or maybe just add it as an option to be how long. Maybe add other watches from the universes like gwen ten or albedo. This app is a must have for Ben ten fans

Emersonwags, Jun 22, 2023
New update with more features?

Love this app it is amazing I just got it today and haven’t stopped playing with it, it has brought back my childhood memories I used to run around with the old omnitrix watch toy and pretend I was actually turning into the aliens so thank you a ton for making this app for the Apple Watch and all the other watches as well though it would be awesome to see more aliens and more watch faces like Ben 10 alien force or Ben 10 ultimate alien and maybe even have a watch face of the complete official omnitrix again thank you for make this app!

fangmaster2000, Jan 09, 2023
An amazing app but

I really enjoyed this app but there are a few things I thing would be cool besides more aliens like alien x I think a game mode would be cool like they had In Some of the old original omnitix from the original series were when playing it every so often the thing would vibrate and an enemy would appear so you would have to turn into an alien and if you chose one of the right ones you would win

fhehtegusheuitht😪😪❤️😍😘, Mar 28, 2021
Good game,here are suggestions!!!

Games good. Here are my suggestions. So you know Ben 10 omniverse? Well try adding that to the game!! It would be cool! Alien force,one of the best making it would be easy! No ultimate alien. Unless Samsung or apple release’s a collab with Ben 10 and they make a ultimate alien Apple Watch! This game is what I always wanted. It’s perfect.

FourfromBFB, Feb 04, 2022
Love the game

I love the game it’s enjoyable fun interactive and I never get tired of it and I also have some ideas.. you know how when you hold on the our glass you can change/adjust the volume well just bello the volume you can add the option to switch between prototype recalibrated the ultamatrix and the completed omnitrix and even iff that’s not possible to do on the Apple Watch you can add the option on the phone and speaking off the ultamatrix to go ultimate by holding Down on the dial while going alien even iff you don’t shout me out or something I will still be happy and even iff you don’t add these functions I will still enjoy the app keep up the good work.

gualalube, Jan 17, 2022
Worth the bread

Dude I don’t write reviews but this app has to be the best investment I’ve made just to flex on my nerd friends. This isn’t an app issue it’s an Apple Watch issue. I just wish the always on display would keep the app open and not blur when your putting your wrist down I’m tryna have this on all the time

Huddy4217, May 02, 2021

As a Ben 10 fan who has recently gotten an apple watch i appreciate this app and it makes me feel like a kid again with my own omnitrix. I would give it five stars if it had more alien’s to choose from like from alien force, ultimate alien, and omniverse. Also get rid of the clock at the top of the app, it is a little annoying. otherwise great app!

Maev3n, Jun 16, 2021
Good but could be better

This is by far the best omnitrix app for the Apple Watch but I wish you could access more aliens than what is available. Other apps are complete crap but they still have access to all the aliens Ben has ever turned into including the reboot. Like I said before it’s great, but one more small push and it’ll be the best app any Ben 10 fan would want to have.

Matts ash, Aug 17, 2021
I appreciate you so much for this!!

I love it dearly, I think you should make a second app with separate aliens, like this app has all Ben 10 aliens when he’s a kid, you should make another app that has all the aliens when he’s a teenager and call it Alien Force. You could definitely pull it off and I’d pay an extra dollar or two to see that happen, thanks again man and great job on this app😄👍🏽

Nitrous_King, Nov 16, 2020


Always wanted to be a hero like Ben 10? Look no further! This app will turn your watch into an Omnitrix just like Ben's

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