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User Reviews for Air Offense Command

Really fun to play

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I know people say it is really hard and yeah I agree with their statement on how hard the game is. If you play the game enough you’ll be able to aim properly and avoid all of the planes and flak and AA fire. The concept of the game is great and I think people should do some more stuff like this game does. I also do feel like you guys should add the sun assist for the new players and then when they fell comfortable with the aim assist they could try it without it and see how good they are. The new players will complain about there but being the ability to aim so yeah it would be a cool feature to add that but yes amazing game over all ❤️❤️

asdfgjkhlqw, Apr 14, 2021
A true fun game

This game is considerably better quality than a lot of games right now. I can imagine aquatint days for this game. It has different types of planes 2 for each category and 1 jet. This is also an adaption of his game airdefence command. The ads are not frequent and always skippable with there also being different difficulties and an infinite mode. I wish for infinite mode to carry some traits from the campighn like upgrades and choosing your plane rather than random. Overall this game remind me of good flash GameStop just like to play.

BAC1171, Feb 01, 2021
Difficult but rewarding game

There’s nothing more satisfying than rocketing 3 enemies, switching weapons, and shooting down a guided missile in a single pass. Now granted, it will take you a lot of failures, crashes, and mid-air-collisions before your aim becomes deadly, but that’s part of the fun. You keep trying and you get better.Fun campaign system with morale points and plane upgrades. No pay-to-win, no micro transactionsAds are minimal. Gameplay is smooth, no bugsI really wish there was more achievements, more game modes, and perhaps a second campaign that was more based on the WWII pacific campaign, or an extended campaign system with a battle-map system- where you choose cities to attack based on their difficulty/reward/morale importance. Just please add more. I want more!!

danobot11, May 01, 2021
Amazing game, but there’s room for improvement.

I LOVE the difficulty in this game. The mix between dodging projectiles and landing shots yourself feels fluid once you get the hang of it. That said, this game currently does not support more casual play. I am personally fine with the difficulty, fine with the overall gameplay, aside from the enemy fighters deciding they’re a really expensive missile and colliding with my planes. That is what I’ve lost 90% of my planes too.Anyhow, for the sake of the more casual, an easier mode should be added with the target indicator like in the tutorial. New modes and general content should be added. I would especially love a mode focused on plane-to-plane combat, or practice modes with no consequences for failure. If you want help with ideas I have a limitless supply.

Firepheonox:uprising, Sep 24, 2021
Multiplayer suggestion

First off, I wanna say I absolutely love this game. Good challenge, nice graphics, and overall it’s a good game. I do have a suggestion and that is multiplayer. The way that I think this could be implemented it that one player controls the anti air and another controls the planes. The plane player will use the plane as you normally do but the anti air player will use the aa differently than in air defense command. Basically they tap and hold somewhere on the screen and all aa on the screen shoots there. They could also choose when to send an interceptor to auto fight the plane player. I know this would take forever to implement but I think that you should at least put multiplayer in mind for the future. Thanks for reading!

FSKSURVIVOR, Feb 14, 2021
Fantastically Designed Game but...

I absolutely am enjoying this game! It’s very fun, and there is no PTW, so that’s very nice. I understand that the game is SUPPOSED to be extremely difficult, as the 2 mods are hard and extremely hard, BUT I’m a filthy casual and an fairly bad at games. I enjoy the dodging planes aspect because it’s just very fun to do, and my only problem is having to turn up my brightness in my cellphone while playing the night levels, I haven’t been able to get very far for that reason, but I’ll keep trying! Great work to the devs, keep at it with these high quality games!

Ivan Fedorova, Feb 24, 2021
Just great

Great game, the challenging nature of it gives it a lot of longevity. Beating the story at both difficulties took me about 2-3 hours of gameplay, which is much more than what you could expect from such a minimalistic phone game. I would keep playing if we could pick our squadron for bombing runs, the current random version is hit or miss if you want to fly certain planes. Regardless, 10/10 my good sir keep up the good work.

Loylala, Dec 20, 2020
great game and why (also some suspicious things I saw on YT you might to want to see)

So this game is under rated it is fun when you have nothing else to do. Great mechanics and story but you should make a army one and navy air stuff. Also on defense you could be able to control fighters the would be fun. And a tail gun thing. But the game copy rights on music caught my eye on you tube a you tuber in one of his vids titled if there was one player in Roblox at the time 3:53 and some where at the 1 min mark. Starts playing some of you music I do not know if he had permission but I think I have seen adds on his channel. Also it is in some of his newer vids I have not checked you copy right information.

mrman48, Sep 26, 2021

No mechanic for aiming? Everything is blind fire, which is indescribably frustrating. Half of the time, my planes get shot down by Anti-Aircraft Guns I can’t hit, because the only way to get a hit is to dive practically straight down on the guns or to fly low and release almost directly over the guns. Honestly resorting to Kamikaze tactics is probably the easiest way to destroy anything significant. Other than that, the “resolve” goes down way too fast. Even if you only lose one plane and destroy 20 guns/trucks/whatever, your “resolve” takes a nose dive.

NotYourAverageuuhhhh, Dec 02, 2021
Awesome game 👍

This game is so challenging and thats what makes it fun. A good game you beat fast is no good and this game is great simple and hard so it keeps you going. The only downside is that it’s repetitive but the only way it gets repetitive is by playing it for long and this is more of a sit down and kill some time game. Ive read some other reviews and most of them are pretty unfair and its just people angry of how hard it is. A suggestion I got is to make a “Normal” difficulty so people can get the hang of the game better.

Xtra_chrunchy, Mar 02, 2021


Lead a desperate preemptive strike to save your country from annihilation. Upgrade your ragtag air force with better bombs, rockets, armor and engines. Dodge enemy cannon, guided missiles and fighters.

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