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Aflac Agent Hub

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User Reviews for Aflac Agent Hub


You need to make Agent Hub available on FFS so we can scan all the documents in one file then send them in all together instead of having to take pictures one at a time. It would Keep us from going back and forth to add a page. Takes too long. Would be great on desktop if we could do it like I mentioned.

aflac 02, Sep 14, 2020
Easy to file yet confusing at the same time

If there is an address change, The app will ask to attach paperwork from the policyholder stating that their address has changed, yet Aflac will still send the check to the old address. Why ask to attach paperwork from the policyholder about an address change, if you’re not going to acknowledge the attachment?

Almasandeh$$$, Jan 17, 2021
Dislike claims submission

Do not understand why we have to submit claims on a phone app as rather than a secure email system similar to an SFPT for submitting electronic files. The notion that every person or policyholder has access to or the ability to submit claims via a phone app is absurd. Dislike very much the unpersonable attention to policyholders the new claims submission proceed dictates to the agent to provide service “their” clients. Yes “their” clients because they as much or more the agent’s client as they are Aflac’s!

Duck Mud, Oct 08, 2020
Agent hub improvements

While I like the auto fill of the demographic info on policyholder the dependent when filing a claim is a pain! Many times when filing for dependent the date of birth is the trouble because of scrolling back to the month and year and most that I handle are pre 1980’s. I’m spending a substantial amount of time scrolling through the months and years to get to the correct date of birth as many times it’s a spouse and birth is pre 1980’s. If this could be updated where it is typed in vs scrolling this would be much improved. Unless all records have completed updates of dependents on policy to auto populate when dependent is selected, this will continue to be a problem. There are still many policyholders that have had policies for 32 plus years and their birth year is pre 1980’s.

Jenice McCoy, Aug 18, 2020
Smart claim

I’ve been with Aflac for 12 years and this new claims process has never been easier. No other insurance company in the world can process, approve and pay a claim in 1 day. Love Agent Hub application!

John Kukulica, Nov 24, 2020
Love the App, hate Ping ID

The login for the app is finally back to normal, but for the past two weeks, it would require me to go through a Ping ID every time I would try to access the app. It was annoying and a hassle. Please ensure that the PingID does not become the norm.

Kentwood32017, Sep 21, 2019

Need to have app open up our photos not just camera. If policyholders send documents to you it will most likely be in an email or a text. It is senseless to print them out just to turn around and take a pic of the documents. Please address this. It would make things easier. Thanks!

Pooh 'n Hunny, Jun 27, 2019
Love 😍

Love the convenience of this app. Would like to see the signature pg fixed. I’m using an iPhone and after a PH signs the wellness form it will not not let me scroll down to press submit. TY!

T. Fab, Aug 24, 2020
Screenshotting ability

Can you give us the ability to fit more or less producers on the screen so that we can screenshot what we want and send to the team?

Veronica ilic-Stone, Feb 07, 2020
Can’t open pdf after attached to claim to ensure it is correct

Can’t open pdf after attached to claim

Woopig85, Feb 09, 2021


Your business at your fingertips. Agent Hub is a selling, servicing and coaching tool created exclusively for Aflac agents, coordinators and market offices. From contest and performance tracking on easy-to-read dashboards to e-signature-enabled claims functionality, Agent Hub gives busy producers access to a host of tools to run their business on the go.

Crafted with input from the Aflac field force, Agent Hub is a mobile one-stop-shop that is constantly adding new features to better serve the needs of Aflac producers and policyholders. Agents: - Assist policyholders in submitting claims. - Submit recruit nominations. - Receive daily updates on sales performance. - Track progress toward Honor Clubs and rewards. - Receive notifications with important news, reminders and alerts. - View total compensation including contests and bonuses. - Launch CCLM Sales Tool Belt to optimize and manage sales activities. - Access Duck Feed to boost your social media presence. Coordinators and markets: - Easily keep track of leaderboards and always know where your team stands. - Track your team’s progress toward Honor Clubs and rewards. - Build, save and export custom performance reports for your team with the Reporting on Demand feature. Download Agent Hub today to get started. Learn more about Aflac at www.aflac.com.

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