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Adore Me Designer Lingerie

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User Reviews for Adore Me Designer Lingerie

I love AdoreMe!

I love that I can order bras (with matching underwear) that I know will be cute, comfortable, and not cost me an arm and a leg. I’ve purchased bras almost exclusively from AdoreMe for the last few years and they’re holding up really well. They don’t need to be replaced at all and I’m really impressed. I recently needed a strapless bra but I just didn’t have time to order one from AdoreMe so I purchased one from Target. It was horrible. It was uncomfortable, itchy, and was already fraying and I’d only had it a few days. I returned it immediately. I’ve only had to return one bra from AdoreMe in the last few years. It was disappointing- it was very uncomfortable and very itchy, not at all what I’d come to expect from AdoreMe. I did exchange this bra for a different bra, which fit much better and as comfortable as I’ve come to expect. The one thing that does bother me is the that I can’t process a return through the app, I have to use my computer to get to the desktop site. Since I have the app on my phone, I couldn’t use the web browser on my phone to use their desktop site. It’s a big inconvenience since I solely use the app (aka I didn’t remember my password and had to guess it on my laptop). I also requested the return label to be emailed to me twice and it never came through so I finally printed it when I got to work. But those are the only issues I’ve ever had with AdoreMe over the last few years. Definitely check out this app! It’s worth it!

amgault, Oct 31, 2018
Customer for Life!

Not only do they have great options AND sizes for all bodies, their customer service is amazing! I bought my first two sets just before Christmas 2020. The post office shipped my order around a few states before saying my package had been picked up at my local post office....it was not picked up by me. After dealing with the post office bureaucracy I called Adore Me to let them know my order had been lost. Even though it was not their fault they gave me vouchers to replace my order (including free shipping!) and were so kind and helpful over the phone. After that I placed an order then accidentally cancelled it 🤦‍♀️. When I tried to reorder I had lost the promotion of buy 2 get 1 free 😢. I called in, again, and Rose was able to reorder my items including replacing the promo. With all the trouble I’ve had (including my own failures, lol) I’m ending up with what I ordered plus three new cute items and my smile has been put back on my face. I definitely recommend Adore Me and will be a customer for life!

chhall, Jan 05, 2021
I love the products!

I just purchased my 4th set I loved them so far. They are comfortable, sexy, and last for a long time! It’s not hard to remember to skip or shop because they notify and I also just have a monthly reminder myself.The only thing I can think of that needs to change is let the customer know which style of underwear is which. (Like a style chart) My last one I ordered I thought I was getting the hipster one that shows cheek and I ended up getting the bikini looking one with the see through mesh in the back. The options were Hipster and Cheeky. I looked up other products that had the same styles so I could pick the right one. The one I found had the cheeky (bikini mesh) and a thong, so obviously I chose the hipster for the product I wanted. It turns out I got them mixed up. So having the name by the picture of the underwear would really help, because now I’m contemplating on exchanging it or just keeping it. I don’t really want to deal with the whole having to mail the entire set back just for the underwear.Other than that I am really happy with this company.

CJRod21, Apr 20, 2019
Positive Experience

First let me say, I love AdoreMe as a brand. I’ve had some small hiccups along the way but considering how often I place orders this doesn’t surprise me. Those have mostly been what I consider normal business growing pains. There’s always a delicate balance between meeting growth demands and keeping costs in balance especially during a pandemic. The two issues I had were corrected with a total of 4 emails. So I’ve been pleased with the brand all around. The app is always improving and I already find it an enjoyable shopping experience. The only things that I’ve noticed that bug me are probably a nonissue for the normal, occasional shopper. I don’t like that I can’t select an item from my cart and be taken to the item. Small thing but it would add just a little more convenience for me. The other thing is some items can be difficult to find. For example, to navigate to the thigh highs you have to click on the wedding collection. I didn’t know for a long time they even had them. I’ve had one or two orders be changed because an item sold out which is pretty normal considering they have killer sales. Other than that I have no complaints. I don’t have to leave the app to do anything and I don’t have any frustration around my shopping experience.

ElisabethCannon, Jan 25, 2022
Better than VS!

I hardly ever write reviews but I have to give Adore Me credit. I absolutely love everything that I get from there; never once was I disappointed! I love the fact that I can buy a matching bra and panty set without paying an arm and a leg and the quality is not compromised because of the reasonable price. Yes, it’s a monthly subscription, but you can skip the month between the 1st an the 5th and you won’t get charged. If you forget to skip, there’s an option to request a refund and they quickly refund your money for that month. There have been times when I ordered something and they happened to be out of stock on that particular item. Not only did they apologize for the minor inconvenience, but they refunded my money and they also gave me a store credit. That is awesome customer service! I love the fact that I earn a free set once I’ve ordered 5 sets, which is no problem for me because I order a lot from them whether it’s lingerie or sleepwear. I see a lot of people saying that they wish they can find the cute sets that they see in regular sizes in the plus sizes as well but my issue is actually the opposite. I see a lot of really nice sets in the plus sizes that I wish came in regular sizes. Perhaps Adore Me should make the same sets available for all women of all sizes, problem solved. Other than this minor issue, I really have no complaints at all. Keep up the great work Adore Me, and you've got a customer for life!

Irene S.F., Apr 18, 2018
Love AdoreMe!

I love AdoreMe! My only picky constructive criticism is that I wish I could click on items in past orders to review them instead of having to get the name, search, and then review. I’m also one of those weird people who like to re-read and potentially edit my reviews and because of the fact that all reviews must be screened by AdoreMe before they’re posted in public, I can’t immediately go and read what I posted. I’m also sort of between sizes - sometimes in regular sizes and sometimes in plus, and I’ve noticed that sometimes the same set may have an entirely different name in plus, and this makes it hard to find what I want. I love these products, but have found the lace items to be a bit rough on my skin, and somewhat tighter in the same size as more expensive brands. Overall very happy with the price and quality, but honestly I do find that some of my Victoria’s Secret items are made with slightly better materials (less plastic, more metal and softer laces). These items are definitely as well made though and you can’t go wrong with the price point. I also love that having this subscription means that I have a sort of built in excuse to order lingerie every month. It makes me feel good! Thanks AdoreMe!!

Jen78741, Feb 25, 2021
I feel scammed. Customer service is a joke

I’ve been wanting to purchase something from this app for years after seeing consistent good reviews and window shopping since the app first launched. I placed an order for 2 bra sets, but the order is still “processing” 12 days later. The only disclaimer on the app states delayed processing of up to 3-5 days. It’s been almost 2 weeks. I’ve contacted customer service twice, getting the same unhelpful response both times. I’ve been told that I can’t get my money back on the order until the items show up at my door so I can start the refund process. The problem is that they’re not showing up so I can’t return them, and customer service is beating around the bush and not actually listening to my problem. I want to know why my order has taken almost half the month to process and if it’s not going to come I want my $55 back so I can actually receive why I paid for by going to another company. I’m extremely disappointed with the quality of customer service and the ridiculous processing time it’s taking for my two bras and two pairs of underwear. I hate to be that guy, but I feel like I’m being scammed. At this point I can’t get my money back unless I get the order, but I’m not even getting my order. Don’t waste your time or money here..

jwkdbrbegahbsbd, Feb 14, 2021
Poor customer service! All the way around!!

I am a first time customer of this Adore Me company! And so far I’m not liking them whatsoever! I ordered my product the beginning of last wk. it was shipped out the SAME DAY! It’s now been a little over a wk, and the past 4 days my package has not moved! I contacted customer service and they only give me the run around! I was expecting to have it by a certain day, my wedding anniversary that looks like I’ll not be receiving what I order no time soon! Adore me’s website says that they offer priority shipping at check out! That’s A LIE! After I ordered it never gave me that option so I called adore me and told them that was misleading to all the customers they have and will have. They of course don’t care! But they still put it on priority shipping for me it got shipped out the same day of order. But still no package no nothing. I’ve kept in contact daily with calling adore me and emailing them also, with no result in sight! So all I can say is I’ll not be a regular customer now like I wanted to be! And I’ll do a refund of my money immediately if my package is not delivered by this evening. If I happen to receive my package today I’ll change my review! If not then I expect a refund without issues and I’ll keep my review as it is now!

SherryRec, May 12, 2020
Nice product but shipping is a fraud

Beware of shipping speeds. This company will post that it ships within 3-5 days. What they don’t tell you is that sure, it ships within 3-5 days, but it goes to a UPS facility where it is held hostage until they get enough merchandise at that ups facility to then ship it USPS- which takes an additional 2 days. For reference I placed my order on Feb 22- it’s now March 5th and my merchandise has been held hostage at a UPS facility now for 5 days. It had to go to three other UPS warehouses where it had to sit until they had enough merchandise to move it to the next UPS. I honestly thought I was crazy, because this is a horrible business model as it is incredibly deceptive to customers, but they confirmed it.... here’s their response to me. Mind you their solution was to “just wait longer”“Please know that we make sure that the package is shipped from our warehouse on the intended date. However, please understand that once it was received by UPS, like any other postal service, it won`t give you a final or exact date of arrival time to its destination.Mail piece needs to be first carried by UPS and later redirected to USPS for delivery. Only shipping volume reaches to a certain amount will mail pieces be sent to USPS facility. Before that, the item will need to just sit somewhere. This is the common reason for the delay in the packages.”

Verochase, Mar 05, 2019

Being bigger, I’ve always had trouble finding comfortable underwear that was also attractive and feminine. I love Adore Me panties! There are these certain cotton ones that I wear for work and they’re so comfortable and so soft as well as super cute! Sadly, they only come in limited colors (white, gray, black and peach) but they’re perfect just the same. I’ve also ordered pajamas and they are well made and comfortable. I’ve ordered my first bra and matching panty sets, but with covid, they’re taking a bit to get here, I can’t wait to try them on!I will say that I agree with the another reviewer about the reviewing process on items on the app, I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, and I saw they had trouble too. It would also be helpful if by going to the order history, we could reorder items or even request them to be in stock. I really would like to reorder that cotton panty package I got before, but now I can’t find them in the app and they’re my favorite undies ever.Keep up the good work!

Wanamke, Mar 04, 2021


Oh, hey there! Looking for the latest lingerie or just reeeally want that new comfy pair of PJs? You’ve come to the right place.

No matter what mood you’re in, we’ve got you covered all year long in matching bra & panty sets, lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear, maternity & nursing essentials, mastectomy bras & SO much more… More importantly, we’re proud to support women of all body types through carefully crafted, high-quality designs that everyone can fit in—and at prices everyone can afford. With styles made to fit women of all shapes and sizes, we’re here to celebrate every body’s natural beauty and inner confidence. No matter who you are, who you dream of being, or what you’re doing in our clothes, you can trust us to be right by your side. Take a look at what’s inside… BROWSE SEAMLESSLY With hundreds of styles to choose from, you’ll probably want one of everything! Discover bras in sizes 30A–46G, intimates in XS–4X, and more, right at your fingertips. Plus, add your faves to your wishlist. SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP We drop brand-new collections every month (!), and as a VIP member, you can score your faves for even less. EXCLUSIVE ACCESS Get sneak peeks at new collections on the go + shop app-only sales! FREE SHIPPING Always! No matter what and when you order, we’re committed to making shopping—and shipping—easier for you. GET NOTIFIED We’ll send you push notifications about fresh arrivals, more sales & more. CHAT WITH US! Need help? We’re here for you. Give us a call or email us through the app! LET’S GET SOCIAL! http://facebook.com/adoremeofficial http://instagram.com/adoreme http://twitter.com/adoreme http://pinterest.com/adoremeofficial http://youtube.com/user/AdoreMeTV

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