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User Reviews for AdaptiBar

The best practice for mbe & mee exams

I lie not when I say”AdaptiBar is the BEST program to use for both the Mbe and MEE portions of the bar exam!” This program adequately prepares you by offering over 1,700 mbe questions. The explanations are explicitly detailed. I also would suggest the purchase of their flashcards! I am very grateful for this program. Btw, for 1st time bar takers there is a 105% money back guarantee if you don’t pass the mbe portion of the exam. I encourage anyone taking the bar exam to purchase AdaptiBar and download the app! It’s super convenient and on days you don’t necessarily feel like studying, you definitely can practice with ease using the app! Thank you AdaptiBar!

Esq.2019, Feb 03, 2020
I am a blind VoiceOver user, this app is wonderful!

Every part of the app is accessible and easy to use. There are just some small controls at the bottom that gives you a bit of trouble. You also cannot tell which subjects you selected when doing your practice questions, if you do not touch anything they are all selected.

Hellman2626, Jun 25, 2022
Awesome tool

I’m a retaker on the CA Bar and while preparing for the previous exam, I answered around 1200 of the 1900 questions available on AdaptiBar. My MBE score went up by 100 points and was above 1440 (my essays were not and I missed by 14 points). I think the combination of using actual NCBE questions with clear answer explanations and the diagnostics to track your performance makes a difference. I especially like the ability to create my own exams, particularly in areas I struggle in. There’s also support online to answer questions/issues which was helpful. I didn’t pay for any extras (lectures, flash cards, etc.), so I cant speak to those features. But, I don’t understand why other review courses don’t use actual NCBE questions? It makes no sense to me to study with anything other than what is going to be on the exam. The only changes I’d make is the ability to share questions and answers if you have a study buddy and the ability to retake the questions you missed by creating an exam with them. There is a report that you can create, but it gives you the answer and the explanation, so it couldn’t be used as a test. Anyway, that’s my take. I think it has been well worth the time and the money.

Kwplaw, Jan 29, 2020
The Joy of MBE . . .

I like Adaptibar because it makes the gruelling process of MBE Bar Prep palatable. The organisation and structure of their website and mobile app are welcoming. High quality content — actual MBE questions w/the choice of abbreviated or extensive answer explanations, lectures that actually make sense and flash cards — all make for a very wise investment towards ones future. The fact that many jurisdictions are making the shift to administering the MBE exam online makes Adaptibar a perfectly formatted resource.

mangojuus, Mar 18, 2021
Great app

I initially hesitated buying this product because I thought I could rely on Barbri’s MBE tests. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It contains real questions and detailed answers, so you actually learn from your mistakes (and even if you’re right, you learn why the other answers offered were wrong).Highly user friendly interface that helps you identify weak spots and targets those areas.Highly recommended and worth every cent!

Nevada Bar exam taker, Jun 20, 2021
Highly recommend for MBE prep

AdaptiBar has been the most effective way to practice MBE questions. During bar prep with other companies i always suggest this as an ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENT to any bar prep course. In fact, I even tell my friends that if their course says, “do 25 (of our made up) MBE questions on (for instance) Evidence Subtopic: Admissibility,” just do it on AdaptiBar instead. Although it might mess up your progress tracker with your bar prep course, this app tracks your performance progress just the same. Practice with licensed questions any time you can. The mobile app has a friendly interface with lots of additional practice tools like flash cards which is the best when you’re on the go. Instead of being anxious that you’re away from you prep books, you can study and practice anywhere you can use your phone.

pau.ven, Sep 01, 2020
Rarely give reviews but adaptibar deserves it

Adaptibar really adapts to the learning and practical experience of the millennial generation. An app to practice questions on the phone has been so convenient for the cell phone addicted generation of this time. The app has been so helpful and easy to use with no problems. I was even able to use this app abroad while in Brazil on my own data plan without any issues! It’s amazing! And it never logs me out which I genuinely appreciate. Thank you so much adaptibar for adapting to the future of learning. App is so smooth, straightforward, easy to use, helpful and simply amazing.

So cal student, Mar 28, 2022
Great App

I only used the MBE portion and nothing else, but the app is great and it really helps understanding the material as opposed to big box brands. My only dislike was that the web application suffered during the week before the exam. But the team issued a patch and corrected the issue during the week. So I’m summary, if you want to improve your MBE without breaking the bank (or if you already broke the bank and are unwilling or unable to do it again) then AdaptiBar is the better option especially where you have a good base knowledge to begin with.

Stop Nerfing Cars!!!, Oct 06, 2020
It gets to the point!

I love Adaptibar. The videos really help bring together what the big bar prep courses leave for us to figure out on our own. The Adaptibar questions are hard, but they helped me progress substantially. The only reason for 4 stars is because some of the questions are worded in a weird way but this is the best supplemental program I could have ever dreamed of! My only advice is to start the first week of bar prep like I did. It helped me stay on track!

Tootiem06, Jul 20, 2021
The App malfunctions

After doing many questions in one topic, I try to switch to another topic under the practice questions menu and the questions it gives me are still on the last topic I was working on. I’ve tried so many times to fix it but no matter what it will still give me questions for the previous topic.Sometimes deleting and redownloading fixes it but it is way too distracting and time consuming trying to fix it.

Wallreseater, Jul 21, 2022


AdaptiBar Online MBE Simulator and Prep, launched in 2003, leads the industry as the only bar prep provider to offer the combination of 100% licensed MBE questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and patented adaptive technology that adjusts to each individual user’s studying needs. AdaptiBar continuously assesses your performance and automatically adjusts the presentation of questions to focus in on your areas of weaknesses (e.g. Negligence) without neglecting an area of strength.

You will know at any given time exactly which areas you need to make improvements. Prepare on the go with the AdaptiBar app designed for both iPad and iPhone. The progress you make on the app is tracked and automatically synchronized with the main program. As long as you have an active program session, you’ll be able to: • Answer Practice Questions • Create Customized Practice Exams • Take the NCBE Online Practice Exams 1-4* • Analyze Performance Statistics • Subject Performance graph • Timing Performance graph • View Exam Reports • Review Past Questions • Check your Question Progress • Review MBE Flashcards (optional upgrade)** • Watch Substantive Video Lectures (optional upgrade)** • Refer your friends to AdaptiBar Wi-Fi internet access is recommended for login and downloading. Existing program user? Simply download AdaptiBar’s app and log in using the same email address and password. * Does not apply to California FYLSE (Baby Bar) program users. ** Enhanced Options include: MBE Flashcards and Online Video Lectures. User must upgrade to access the optional features on the app. Please Note: The AdaptiBar App is available for program users only. Trial users must access the free trial program on the main website.

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