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Activate Your Voice

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Elaine Clark
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User Reviews for Activate Your Voice

Extremely limited.

Basic and potentially useful but only provides a couple of small steps that are standard and widely available elsewhere.

A-eee, Aug 17, 2018

And you expect me to try your other apps? Ahhhh!!!

acousticprime, Apr 01, 2018
Must Have Fundamentals

Basic consonant and vowel exercises lazy mouths forget. The difference between pros and those who want to be: investment. Nothing too basic to practice.

AppleEnder, Mar 21, 2021
great app

its limited but a great app for the price. I have been practicing for about 2 weeks now and already seen a much improvement in my voice.

bhvffg, Jun 06, 2022
Very Helpful

This app has been a great help for me. I work long hours in silent isolation and my voice gets very weak. This app helps me keep my speaking voice strong and is fun.

Connieartie, Jul 22, 2022
Excellent for beginners

Extremely helpful as a warm-up to your voice. It tests you with the different sounds of the voice. It is limited, but for $0.99 it is worth it.

Erictrack1234, Apr 05, 2020
Great warmup exercises I use religiously before every professional recording session!

These vocal exercises are absolutely a must for me since they make a major improvement over my diction and resonance before going in front of a mic! Do yourself a huge favor and get the app! It’s a total gift from talented vocal coach Elaine Clark!

lukesf, Mar 21, 2020
Perfect app for vocal warmups

I use this every day! It’s easy, fun and has really helped my vocal strength.

makupawo, Aug 25, 2020
Amazing Warmup for Theatre and VO!

Elaine Clark directed me to her app and I’ve used it for National VO campaigns, theatrical productions, and even singing! Short, sweet, and works every single time.

Rocketbrella, Mar 17, 2022
blah blah blah

my mouth and tongue feels fuzzy and free! seems as if im ready to talk to for hours without any tense muscles around my mouth. 4 stars because it wasn’t free lol

Roybert Patino, Sep 01, 2021


Improve your speaking voice with Activate Your Voice - a professional speech warm up that only takes 5 minutes. This exercise series strengthens the speaking voice, energizes resonance, enhances breath support, and invigorates articulation and enunciation. Use it anytime, anywhere to speak like a pro with more confidence, power, and clarity. * Designed by communication experts. * Great for business professionals, teachers, sales people, English language learners, actors, voice-over performers, and anyone who wants a stronger, clearer, more confident and authoritative speaking voice. * Easy-to-use with animation and audio to guide you. * Exercises improve diction, breath support, projection, and pitch. * Clear, simple instructions. * Perfect to use before any speaking engagement. * Make it your daily voice improvement workout routine.

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