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User Reviews for ABA Wizard

Fantastic app & so affordable

Loving this app so far! Breaks everything down by each section and then 10 questions per each objective in that section. As you go thru if you miss 1 or more of the 10 it was immediately prompt you with the answer and reference. Once you complete all 10 questions in a section correctly it turns green. Love the color visual cues and errorless teaching. Definitely worth the money and honestly would pay more now that I know all that is has.Suggestions to the creator- The following are ideas I’ve had along the way but by no means take away from the 5 star rating.1.) Go further with the color coding such as red if you score below 50-70% maybe, orange for 70-90% and green is only still for 100%.2.) I would definitely pay additional money for scenario questions for each section. All questions seem to be more definitional with some scenario but would be awesome to have more scenario.3.) Pop-up feedback is great. Would love at times if there was more information or a place to get more information even if you chose the right answer.4.) Love the format of this and using it so easily on my phone. If you came out with mock exams using the same interface I would definitely buy them!Overall such a great app and so worth it for the price. Can’t wait to see what y’all come out with next! 😃👍🏻🙌🏻

alexa g 88, Feb 02, 2020
Totally worth the $10!!

The only reason I gave 4/5 is because there were a few typos and cooper references that didn’t quite match, and I wish it graphed progress (but hey, it’s only $10) Other than that though, this app is SO HELPFUL! It’s almost like a more efficient and available on the go BDS. The questions are phrased in a way that really help me understand things I THOUGHT I already did even better and I love how it’s categorized by Task List section and then gives you a reason and reference to questions you answer incorrectly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I got it because someone who passed the exam on Reddit mentioned it and I think it’s a hidden gem that more people need to know about!

Annieisokaymmkay, May 10, 2019
The app is excellent, but it’s missing customization.

This app is great. It has a dense library full of powerful references and questions. The only thing that I find bad about it is the lack of customization. A little suggestion to the developers which should be easy to creat;Allow the user to test on whole areas, like self test in experimental design, or in measurement etc. The app only allows you to test in a randomized manner or by single subject. Other than that, the app is perfect. Love the portability and ease of use. The only down side is the lack of testing customization which I’m sure will be fixed soon 😉.

Artilespro, Jan 20, 2020

The app has good quizzes, but a lot of the questions and examples within or across sections are repeatitve and I would prefer more variety in questions (if you retake the quiz you get the same questions). There’s also tons of spelling and grammatical errors (probably on every other question), which is very frustrating. Also, when you get a question wrong, it will give you the definition of the main topic or of the correct answer, but doesn’t explain why it’s the correct answer so really it doesn’t help you learn from your mistakes, except by memorization and not actual understanding of concepts.

cattmom4, Jul 30, 2020
Cheap Good Study Prep

I just passed my BCBA exam! This app was the core of my studying, I only went through every question and used the book to look up the terms and topics I didn’t know making flashcards from the topics. The app showed me a lot of topics I didn’t even know I needed to know and provides feedback. Some spelling errors and I think a couple answers were off but this app helped me pass first try.

ChillySquid6, May 16, 2020
White screen

I purchased this app to help me study for the BCBA exam. I went through a handful of quizzes and it looks like it will be super helpful in studying. But after only 1 day, I’m having issues with it opening. I keep getting a blank white screen. I’d like to keep using the app but it’s not working right. I have force closed the app and the first time that worked. But now I’ve force closed it several times and it won’t open. I’m hoping the developers will contact me to resolve this issue because I’d like to continue using it instead of asking for a refund. I use and IPhone X if that helps.

Fonangel2010, Jan 03, 2020
Great way to practice fluency

This app has been so helpful on working on fluency in a quick and convenient way. The app is so easy to use and the subtopic quiz have great questions that help improve fluency on definitions, concepts and scenario questions. I would love to know how the app works alongside their Full Length BCBA Mock Exam - and how it compares to these mini quizzes. So worth the money - and you can use this anywhere!!! No need to even have wifi or data - it’s great!

K4!7!3, Nov 01, 2021
Get it

This app is amazing. I love that it provides references when you select a I correct response and provides a detailed definition of the correct response as well as the reference. I have recommended this app to all my classmates in my cohort and so far we have all loved it. I love that there is a quiz for each item on the task list( a few questions are repeated but that just helps solidify my knowledge)I hope that this app aids me in acing the bcba exam. 😊

learningBehaviorally, Jul 31, 2019
Excellent - but minus 1 star for irritating rating requests!

This is a very easy-to-use, efficient way to learn a wide range of fundamental ABA vocabulary. I’ve been an A student in my masters program; however, whenever we focus on a specific topic for a class or training (let’s say measurement), I forget the difference between closely-related terms (e.g., “reliability” vs. “accuracy”). This impedes my participation in the discussion, because I either keep my mouth shut to avoid saying something ridiculous or have to look down and do a search on my iPhone like a fool!If you can relate to this sort of situation (can’t we all?), ABA Wizard is well worth the $10 (or even more). No need to waste hours searching for an occasional useful quiz here and there.Why 5 stars, when I say “minus 1 star for irritating rating requests?” Because I’d give this 6 stars if I could. It’s good!

MillionMonkeys, Jun 08, 2019
Best portable study tool

I have been using ABA wizard in conjunction with other study tools, but this is the only one that I can take with me everywhere I go. It’s the only one that is fully downloaded on my phone, so I don’t have to use data to use it. ABA Wizard lets me take a few short quizzes while I’m waiting for a session to start, or while I take the metro. It’s hard to understate how much I appreciate being able to study whenever I can.

Morganmorganb, Feb 05, 2020


This BCBA® exam prep app is designed for any behavior analyst who wants to master the content on the BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst®) or BCaBA® exam. Recently updated, the app now has over 1000 practice questions covering all of the essential principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). You will be prepared to pass the BCBA or BCaBA exam!

HOW MUCH DOES THE APP COST? This is not a subscription. You are given complete access to our entire ABA practice question library for the minimal price of the app. HOW IS THE APP ORGANIZED? The layout of this comprehensive app is organized following the BCBA/BCaBA Task List (5th Ed.) with a 10 question quiz for every task list item. You will learn quickly with immediate feedback, an explanation, and references for each question. This is the highest value ABA test prep out there! Behavior analysts around the world have downloaded and are loving this program. HOW WERE THE QUESTIONS CREATED? All questions in the app were created by Board Certified Behavior Analysts referencing scholarly texts commonly used in ABA. These questions were reviewed by several students, behavior analysts, as well as BCBA-Ds to ensure each practice question contains correct and applicable content. The ABA Wizard App is owned by Test Prep Technologies, LLC. Test Prep Technologies, LLC is not owned by or associated with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. ©2018 the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. All rights reserved. Displayed by permission. The most current version of this document is available at www.BACB.com. Contact the BACB for permission to reprint this material.

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