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User Reviews for 500px – Photography Community

Almost perfect

I really like this app and the photographic community that supports it. Compared to some other similar apps (e.g., Flickr), it is much easier to build connections to interesting photographers and receive feedback quickly. Also unlike Flickr, nobody on 500px seems to use their ‘board’ as a dump for long series of repetitive unedited smartphone pictures. The actual upload process for pictures could be a little easier, especially for keywords - although the app suggests keywords, most are either repeated variations or just irrelevant, while it does not seem to recall your past often-used keywords from your galleries. Still, overall this is a great app and an enthusiastic, welcoming and discerning photographic community!

Chjsbny, Jan 06, 2019
Would be 5 stars IF..

I could only figure out how to create Galleries. I had to go to the website on mobile to do it. Also I can’t add any of my photos to a gallery in the app, on the web I can.. why? Those annoyances aside I LOVE this app! Way nicer looking than Flickr, I don’t know why Flickr doesn’t have a dark mode (if they do it should be default). I also love that my photos got exposure much quicker than on Instagram. And I feel like these are actual photographers not influencers and bots. So far so great! Just NEED the option to create galleries and add our own photos to them. Weird that that’s not an option it’s as if we are missing the icon for it. It’s easy to find on their mobile website so it’s a very odd omission. PLEASE FIX THIS YOU GUYS! It will make a world of difference.

dbvapor, Jun 02, 2019
Needs serious fixing

This app is so broken is needs a major update. You can only upload one image at a time from the main screen. Once you upload the photos, your profile page says there are no photos uploaded. When you click on the big blue “Upload Photos” button, it brings up your phones gallery of photos but you cannot click on anything or select anything. You want to upload a cover picture to your profile? Nope, can’t do that either. Sorry, your upload has failed. Gallery Favorites? Can’t see any of the photos you’ve uploaded to even create a gallery. Sorry, but 2 stars until I am able to actually use to apps full functionality. 🤷🏻‍♂️ please fix.

ellusionx112, May 15, 2019
Good But Could Be Amazing

Unfortunately, evening gets compared to Instagram regarding photo sites. What I like about 500px is that I get to see a considerable amount of photographers from overseas. I also enjoy the feature that allows one to see what camera and settings were used to take the image. There are so many people on 500px using older cameras, and getting amazing shots. I love it. It’s the mind behind the lens, not the camera body! The only downside is the implementation of tags as apposed to Instagram. Instagram has this down to a science, but I’m sure it is proprietary, so no blame on 500px, but it would be nice.

Kongafett, Oct 22, 2018
Things need to be fixed, and it’s confusing.

I like the app, and it is a great way to share photos, but it’s confusing. For an example, I just made an account and I’ve had trouble figuring out how to do many things such as uploading photos. When I click on the “Upload” button, it takes me to my photo album on my iPhone and when I try to click on one of the albums it won’t do anything. When I try to exit from the upload photo page it won’t let me so, I have to exit the app completely and go back on. Also, I have been struggling to add a photo onto the backdrop. Whatever picture I choose, a message pops up saying that the “Cover Upload failed”. Other than those few things the app is okay and I think that those few things should be fixed immediately.

Kylie Spence, Nov 02, 2018
App is broken

I have had this app a few years and it was great the last few updates have actually broken the app, for once the app is super slow now and constantly freezes. What was once an easy task to like photos by touching the heart is now a task on its own. You have to touch the heart in the photo a few times because it seems not to want to register your touch. This is impossible to like photos now which i stopped doing. The new look is great i love it but before that like bug is fixed theres no way im going to spend time liking photos it’s absolutely infuriating.When will this be fixed? It’s like the developers do not care the app is unusable. Has not worked on iphone in a year.

Mangospapi, Sep 27, 2020
I want to like it.

I do. It like the fact that you can not upload into “Quests” from mobile. Also one of my market submissions was declined and no reason is given. On the FAQ page it says there is a declined section but After con online via computer that section doesn’t exist or show up for me in the are it’s suppose to be. So I have no way of knowing. And it’s a shame considering I only took the photo last week and already sold it several times on other sites. I find these markets interesting as I am a professional with highly regarded images and I find that when I sell under my usual selling name, my images sell fairly quickly, however when using a pseudo name the same images don’t sell. It tells me that there is a huge bias on some markets. What a pitty.

neemopaice, Dec 24, 2019
Best photos

As a painter, I use this app to find the most compelling images for subject material. Keyword searches and the ability to see all the work by a particular photographer are pluses, although I wish I could figure out how to set up my feed so that I see the work of photographers I follow. Also allows you to post your own images and to create customized galleries of your own work or simply photos you like. I use it to stash images I like for future painting projects. The ability to “like” and comment on images is another feature I like.

RadicalSci, Oct 28, 2018
Neat site, buggy app

At first, I was excited by 500px. Then I downloaded the app. I’m surprised at how poorly it works. I can’t get rid of the data privacy warning that covers the bottom 20% of the screen — even reinstalling the app won’t clear it — and the app won’t let me upload jpegs created by exporting files from Adobe Lightroom on my iPhone (and yes, they’re jpegs, not some weird Apple format). The only way I can interact consistently with the service is via the website on my laptop. I’d like to participate and become a better photographer — but this app makes 500px too inconvenient. I won’t become a paid member, and will probably abandon my account. Unfortunately, I get a more convenient sharing and feedback experience on Facebook/Instagram — and I’m not a fan of that company.

Rick Frisco, Jan 02, 2021
Deathly slow on desktop.

I used to enjoy using this platform for my photography but have recently stopped using it since it’s excruciatingly long load time on desktop makes it difficult to use for me. [when at home I have a 50 up/300 down connection.]This renders the platform virtually unusable since I need to post images from anywhere in the world and unless I’m actually at home, in the US it either fails entirely to load, or takes at least 60 seconds to load a page. Totally unacceptable. I’ve proved this problem in testing, through spoofing my address as if in Europe, and the site fails or loads times are 60+ seconds, if I disable the spoofing, it loads normally.

sewollef, Oct 09, 2018


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