Icon 123 Toddler games for 2+ years

123 Toddler games for 2+ years

  • Education
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123 Toddler games for 2+ years

  • Education
19.4K ratings
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User Reviews for 123 Toddler games for 2+ years

Good game for kids

A real “Family friendly” game. It has no 3rd party commercials ads or annoying pop ups. It includes various activities, all well planned for toddlers and preschool kids. It has a clear educational target and though it deals with numbers and math it really is made for toddlers. How incredible is that? 😊The illustrations are wonderful: colorful, cute and funny - just like you would expect from a game so well made. Some of the activities are for free and for some you’ll have to pay but I think it’s worth the price, and I would recommend to buy it without hesitation.

DocLucinda59STone, Dec 10, 2018
Can’t Unlock Across Devices?

Edit: Yes you can! I saw another post that explained you simply go to the parents area and then click Restore. Thanks! Updated rating!Previous: Can you really not share the unlocked content across different devices? Is there anyway to accomplish this? It would be a 5 star review otherwise, but it’s kind of annoying to have to repurchase the unlocked content on every device my toddler might play with.

FrequentFlyerNoLonger, Mar 19, 2020
Full version only eligible for one device...

My daughter liked the test games so I spent the money for full version. I’m a bit disappointed that I bought the “full version” for 4.99 and it’s only eligible on one device. I didn’t think buying a full version was going to be considered an in-app purchase. We don’t always have the old iPad with us everywhere we go and my daughter equates the app icon with the all the games unlocked, not what device she’s playing on. It’s definitely not worth 4.99/ device to unlock on multiple devices. Won’t make this mistake again.

Jdubs108, Jul 03, 2019

I bought this app for my 4 year old because it advertised numbers 1-20, and I wanted to give her extra practice with the teens. I was so disappointed that this game primarily focused on numbers 1-5, and didn't have anything above 10. I liked the games that were here, especially the estimation games, so I'm very disappointed that it was not as advertised. Apparently there is a different game (that looks exactly the same in the App Store), but is for ages 4+ and contains different games. I am not happy that I paid for this game, but only received "part 1" when I thought I was purchasing the full version. Beware which version you buy!

klmcdonald09, May 17, 2019
Great intro to numbers for my 3 yr old!

My little one loves this number app. She refers to it as a game and asks to play with it on the iPad all the time! The art work is bright and colorful, pulling you in for a fun learning experience. I love hearing her count along and getting excited when she gets it right. Definitely would recommend this app to anyone looking for a starting point for learning numbers with their toddlers and or preschool children.

Lady.Staab, Jan 22, 2020
Awesome game for toddlers

Downloaded the update and was pleased to see that the game is even better 😊This game is well planned for preschool boys and girls. Many awesome activities to help the kids learn about numbers and counting. I for sure haven’t seen much games that teach toddlers and preschoolers basic math (and doing it so well!). The full version includes about 15 mini games all with original concepts and lovely illustrations. Recommend.

Linda_Clinton_777, Nov 24, 2017
I really enjoy playing this game with my toddler...

She’s only three but we’ve been using the app since she was two and she pretty much has learned her numbers and some counting methods with\through the app. I highly recommend this app for parents who have the time to actually sit with their kid and go over these simple yet effective counting games.

NicoleGGalle, Feb 22, 2019
3Year olds homework

Great app. My son calls this his “homework”, and uses it doing quiet time when his big brother is doing his work. No pop ups, great graphics. Only concern is when I made a purchase I don’t think I fully understood what exactly came with that. All in all great learning entertainment for the littles!

Noodledoodle5, Jan 12, 2020
Great for younger toddlers

My 18 month old loves this app. We sit and play 10 minutes each night. It is very simplistic and probably too easy for older toddlers. Its simple enough for a young toddler to grasp some counting concepts or at worst matching concepts. The graphics, interface are great. Wish there was more content, maybe like and ABC version of the same.

Red4282, Sep 19, 2020
Deceptive Family Sharing Practice

It’s good material, however, This app states that it’s a part of Family Sharing, however, in-app purchases can not be shared. It costs $4.99 in-app to access all the material, not $4.99 to outright share it with others in the family. This is not a very friendly Family Sharing app. My wife bought it, but did not read the part that it in-app purchases cannot be shared so now it’s stuck on one phone. I’m good with paying $4.99 one time for it, but not $30 to put it on all my devices.

Smokin-Joe, Nov 08, 2019


Count to 20, match quantity to numbers and estimate quantities in this beautiful game for preschoolers and kindergarten children. The second game in ToyaTap’s 123 basic math series, it is based on international math education programs including the US Common Core recommendations. The game is focused on acquiring and practicing the key building blocks for the development of mathematical thinking: Count up and down, quantity estimation, number recognition and number values.

Educational targets: - Develop number sense count forward and backward. - Identify and match number names, numerals and quantities. - Count objects. - Improve visual perception concepts which are essential for recognizing numbers. - Establish Motor skills such as Hand-eye coordination. Game features: - Easy and intuitive: Toddlers can play this game independently. - No stress or time limits. - Safe environment for your kids (girls & boys). Ads free and No pop ups. - 15 engaging game boards aligned with international maths curriculums, including US Common Core. The game is beautifully illustrated. Your child will visit many different unique environments that spark the curiosity and imagination and make counting a fun experience. Game Boards: Lesson 1: Count up and down Island bus - tap passengers and COUNT to 12 Knights - Match castle key colors and COUNT to 3 Take off - Prepare for rocket launch and COUNT DOWN from 5 Lesson 2: Estimate quantity Scooter - Wear helmets and ESTIMATE few/medium/many Bats - dress the bat knights and ESTIMATE few/many Apple tree - pick apples and MATCH QUANTITIES Lesson 3: Number recognition Number boxes - sort NUMBERS to boxes Airport - sort luggage to carts and recognize DIGITS Nighty night - recognize DIGITS in a memory game Lesson 4: Number values Ship - Load a ship while matching NUMBER and QUANTITY Treasure box: Open a treasure box matching keys to locks Construction - COUNT and load the EXACT NUMBER of bricks to build a castle Lesson 5: Summary Balloon machine - Match NUMBERS to dots and make balloons Smoothies - COUNT and load the EXACT NUMBER of fruits to make tasty juice Wild west - COUNT and connect dots to create a wild west scene

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