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100 Doors Challenge

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User Reviews for 100 Doors Challenge

Bugs kept me from giving higher score

Too bad, I really liked this game though certain levels you almost had to be a rocket scientist to figure out. But the lower score is because you haven't fixed the game at level 119 yet. I, like other people who have reviewed this game, made it all the way to 119 without skipping but in that level the mirrors wouldn't move. That is SO FRUSTRATING! Please fix the level so others won't be so disappointed. Maybe enough ones or twos on reviews will get you to do something.

2birdz, Apr 15, 2018
Great Game, But...

Background graphics are nice, but repetitive. Also hidden items too close to edge of the screen are not easily seen or found. Also items too far to the top and you could end up swiping your screen closed?! The aspect ratio of the game is somewhat off. The shapes in some of the puzzles that should be square or circular are rectangular and oval. Which doesn’t bode well for finding solutions to some puzzles.Need to change the music often to make it a more capturing experience. The pop-up dude in the beginning levels is annoying.Puzzles need more steps in them. Too few moves to really be more challenging, on many levels, literally!Good Luck!

gomightymike, May 31, 2020
GREAT game!! only one problem…

:p This game is actually pretty good! its fun, not to difficult but not to easy. very interactive and easy to get the hang of! However i have one problem when you need help on a level you can’t ask for a hint or even Buy a hint it’s just “skip”. There’s so much you can do with this! maybe every day you start with 3 hints and once you run out you can watch an ad or even PAY for a few more! Moral of the story here is it would be nice to have another option other than just skipping the entire level completely.

gracie💚, Jun 24, 2022
Good, fun game

This game is really fun at the beginning and the levels get progressively harder but still really fun. The only thing that ruins it is that I wish there was a “hint” instead of having to skip the whole level. And the ads are really annoying. But overall it is a great game and has really fun levels. Keep up the good work!!

izzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Jun 12, 2023
Fun, however

This was a fun game. You have to figure out what to do for each level to get the doors to open. Some of the levels are easy to figure out. Others you had to study but finally got. However some were extremely frustrating. Even using a cheat I had no clue how they figured out how to do it. But still enjoyed the game.

Kimbahey, Apr 10, 2020
I love it!

This game probably one of the most challenging and fun 100 doors I have ever done! I love how they just give a little of walk through fro what you will see during the challenge! I have been addicted to my phone a lot because of this game. This game is awesome, beautiful songs, and awesome challenges. Thanks for making a game like this, that everyone can contribute to and it’s not to easy but not to hard. Thanks, again! 🤩

Krosbey, Jan 17, 2022
Some operational issues

It seems like some items are difficult to “grab” or move on my iPhone X. Usually these are items at the edge of the screen. Maybe this is due to my thin glass protector? In any case, it is frustrating to know what you have to do and keep tapping or swiping trying to do it, and have no effect or to have to do it dozens of times before the item falls, moves or is picked up.Other then that, the puzzles are varied and clever. A great game.

Miyoji, Dec 31, 2018
It was okay.

Cons:1. It doesn't end at 100 doors. Just keeps going? Why?2. I didn’t like the “shake your phone” mechanic. Turned into me flailing wildly any time I was lost3. First few minutes/doors are unskippable tutorial. Lame.4. You can skip any level effectively making this a brain teaser. If you’re like me and refuse to skip, then next con is..5. Difficulty jumps around sporadically. Ex: earlier you face a skeleton and it took me 3-4 minutes to figure out how to beat him. Towards the end, door 80 had a similar fight type puzzle that I beat in 5 or so seconds.6. THE. SAME. AD. PLAYS. Every few doors (sometimes every other door) an ad plays.. the same one, and stays on the bottom of your game 24/7. Also sometimes plays an ad when you click restart room. Nice.Pros:1. The screen tilt mechanic is executed well. The few levels that require it make it obvious, except one that requires some thinking (good)2. A few doors had some difficult puzzles I’d seen in these games before, but they were still fun to complete and enjoyed those ones.3. Using your touch screen to move objects and perform certain actions are well executed.

stupidappstore666, Apr 06, 2020
Kinda neat, but a little weak

Well for passing sometime this is definitely a distraction. I was almost thinking this was going to be like Myst, and I will admit, I definitely had to go to the web quite a few times to get some help on hints in that game! But some of the levels are so easy, the only real challenge is having to listen to the same music over and over and over and over and over again. But there are some cute things. One thing I found out it seemed at several of the levels you can accomplish one of some multiple tasks but that’s all and it just sort of hangs. Also if someone pointed out, I’m at level 102, so much for 100 doors eh? Maybe in the next version you can have some levels that require you to go back 10 or 20 places to pick up something that is shown in the clue window.

TrailmasterMike, Nov 26, 2020
Best game! Love it!

I have been searching for a good escape the room game, but none really were fun or original. This game is really innovative and makes you think. Sometimes the answer is shaking or turning your iPad. Other times you have to really think outside the box. A truly fun game! Definitely recommend.

TwinsmominAR, May 08, 2019


Do you like puzzles and hidden objects? Playing games from 100 Doors and 100 Floors series? Then this point and click game is exactly what you need!

Use all your skills to complete all levels and get all achievements. Features: - exciting puzzles; - point and click genre; - cool mechanics: the movement in time and space, combining objects, search for hidden objects, puzzles and more; - amazing levels with really nice animations; - the game is absolutely FREE; - nine beautiful and detailed locations; The main goal in 100 Doors Challenge is to escape the room. Using all the possibilities of the device you need to open each of 100 doors and move the elevator to the next floor. Search for hidden objects, sovle puzzles and use an items to do this! Play new point and click 100 doors game for FREE NOW! We are making games with the soul!

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