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1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

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User Reviews for 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

Horrible UI Update

I’ve been using 1SE pro for almost a year an a half during which they’ve made many updates. In general, I feel the updated trend in the right direction, increasing functionality of the app improving user experience. This update however is incredibly frustrating. The app now opens to a screen that shows all your projects as cards that you need to swipe through. You then need to scroll through until you click on the on the project you want every time you open the app. This makes no sense as I typically will only be working on one project at a time. Previously, switching projects was as simple of tapping ‘My Timeline’ at the top of the screen and selecting from a drop down menu. Now, from a project page, it involves clicking in the top left of the screen and then scrolling though other projects each of which take up the full screen. This must also be done every time the app is opened. The full screen cards that show your projects give no control over the images or colors you can use. I’d much rather look at a grid of my previous week’s 1 second memories than a title page with a colored banner and the thumbnail of the first second in my project. This UI update made icons to control clip settings larger which now makes it makes it necessary to scroll in order to access clip volume control.I appreciate when 1SE is quick and functional to use without excessive scrolling and clicking. This update creates unnecessary steps.

Cam Galla, Oct 17, 2020
This app helps me see the joy in everyday life!

It sounds like hyperbole, but this app literally changed my life. I had postpartum depression with my first baby, and every night I cried myself to sleep because of how hard it all was (he was terribly colicky and I felt like he just cried ALL DAY LONG). A friend told me about this app, and I started piecing together positive snippets from each day. When I’d watch the mashed video of multiple months, it helped me start seeing how much happiness my son was bringing to me and how the little things add up. I’ve been using the app for 3 years now, and I LIVE the updates. I was so worried because I had to switch to a new phone, and the backup and redone load process worked flawlessly. The only thing I’d love to see added is the ability to move snippets around. For example, sometimes I’ve already cut a snippet just right, but then later I want to move it to a different date to make room for a different moment in that spot. I’ve hoped to see a “drag and slide over” option to move a snippet from one day to another. Is that possible to add to the next update?Thank you so much for creating this app!

Ellison K, Mar 05, 2020
New Update - I want to delete the app.

I used to be in love with 1SE. An amazing way to see your life one second a day! It had an amazing layout, very easy and dynamic to work with.. Unfortunately, I can’t say that anymore with the new update. The new update went vertical, which I really don’t enjoy. At all. It seems as if they are trying to cram everything into one little screen, when before everything had an amazing layout. I really don’t think I will ever get used to this new layout. One more thing, perhaps the most annoying thing, the DIFFICULTY and TIME needed to take to record a snippet of your day. Before the new update, there was a red recording button you could press right when you opened the app. Now, with the new update, it takes MUCH longer to record a snippet for that day.. What if you want to capture a moment that is only there for a second, but can’t because it takes 30 seconds to solely get to the camera??? I’m sorry, but they need to go back to the old version.The app is also glitchy. I paid $6 for the app a couple of years ago, and now I feel as if I’m getting the free version, let alone there is now a “pro” version you can pay monthly/yearly for. I’m going to be honest, I don’t enjoy using 1SE anymore. Frankly, not sure if I even will.

i want the old version!, Mar 09, 2019
The new update is horrible

I used to love this app, I used it all the time and I was telling about it absolutely everyone. With the new update I actually don’t want to use it anymore. I paid for the app $6 a coupe of years ago so I wasn’t using the free version. The change from horizontal (landscape) orientation to vertical (portrait) made it worse. It is difficult to see the snippets they are crammed. The editing portion of the screen changed - the ribbon where I pick the 1 sec sequences is not detailed and I can’t see or hear how the 1 second snippet will sound/look like. When I pick something, try to play it, it replays the whole video, not that part I chose. The ribbon is not intuitive to navigate (as it used to be) and it is hard to pick the snippets. I can’t pick custom dates to mash videos. It forces me to pick current year, everything. I used to show this app to everyone, I would pick a few custom dates and show them how it works and how great it is. I also can’t replay snippets from prior years (i didn’t save them). With this update actually I don’t enjoy it and I am going to look for a different app with a similar functionality. There is a very aggressive push to the subscription service, but I already paid for the app and actually all the best features were taken away. Find a different app. It has such a great reviews becuse of the older version, but since March 2019 it is crap.

Kapteva, Mar 07, 2019
Unaffected by what others are complaining about

One of the coolest things about this app they don’t advertise is that the “Live Photo” capability of the iPhone finally comes in handy for something. Every one of those is about a second, so any photo you already have in your phone can become part of a video. It’s cool to see your day-to-day photos turned into live footage, I guess. Many of these reviews complain about a march update that took away features, which confuses me because I didn’t even notice and I’ve been a near-daily user since January. I broke my phone in April and was so bummed to lose the seconds I’d taken since then that I recently upgraded to monthly pro. If people are mad they get only one snippet a day, they can always spend the dollar a week it would cost to get more snippets or even use the freestyle capability. I do dislike the orientation of video since I rarely shoot horizontally but other than that, I enjoy this app completely and it’s one of the few I will pay for.

kt800200, Aug 20, 2019
Vertical version/latest update

I was really pleased with this app and its functionality, and then they had to go and “update” it. In the new version, there’s no longer an option to use the app in landscape (horizontal) mode. They went too far “fixing” the problem, that iOS users couldn’t rotate to vertical. Now it’s even crappier because you have to press about twice as many icons just to view clips and/or take them horizontally. The smart thing to do would’ve been to keep the simpler icons and just add the ability to rotate IF WANTED, not force everything to be one way or the other. It should be as easy as tapping one icon to open up the camera for recording; now users have to go through an entire process and figure out where everything is just to add snippets on the spot. It also doesn’t need the added social media component. People use this app to record seconds, and nothing else. They don’t want ads, or other people’s content, or anything else invading. The entire point of the app is to collect snippets and put them together, and share them on another platform if desired. I’ll likely stop using it if something doesn’t change.

Loooooses, Mar 04, 2019
Update 3.0 wasn’t necessarily

I’ve been using this app for about a year now & have really loved it, but I am really disappointed with update 3.0. The vertical screen was unnecessary, and actually makes it much more difficult to edit videos. I appreciate the push for greater integration of the journal feature (and it’s really cool that it exists), but it feels like you’re kind of shoving down our throats. I started off using leap second which I found to have a better interface & allowed me to add as many videos as I wanted per day (and they could be much longer than a second), but their app had a bug where my timeline was deleted more than once so I switched to 1SE. 1SE has been much more reliable, and I have never had a problem with it, but honestly I am strongly considering switching back after the update and push for subscription services that should really honestly have come with my $6 purchase of the app to begin with. The month by month format leap second offers is really nice & much more intuitive and easy than the side bar month scroll on 1SE, although really genuinely what you had before was much better than what you have now.

Modge Podge, Mar 23, 2019
Great idea, horrible UX

K.I.S.S. much? Listen, i have worked in software research and development for over 20 years in. every position from architect to engineer to product manager etc. so this is not a case of me being “non-technical“. However as much as I want to like this application I just cannot understand the workflow it makes zero sense to me I’m simply wanting to record 1+ seconds of video per day and have them mashed together so that I could then replay as hoc. I “think“ this application allows that however I’ve yet to be able to understand how to achieve this. Assuming that is the intent of this application here’s a hint bring in a UX expert and create a next GEN version of this before someone (ahem) beat you to the punch. Seriously I can’t tell which is up and which is down in this app. I *tnink* I’ve recorded some clips during my trial but who knows. Unfortunately I think this application simply out fight itself and was focused on too many bells and whistle‘s and not actual workflow. To that end I seriously doubt I will be continuing my subscription but instead will simply mimic the idea and easily create my own application which will achieve what I am wanting once again to save a small clip each day and have them smashed together so that I could play back whenever I want.

Note_Luver, Jul 18, 2019

I’ve been using this app since it was first released in 2013. I’ve seen it grow from a super buggy beta that crashed constantly that first year, to a relatively stable and decently designed app. This latest release has some great features, like the live-photo-to-video feature and being able to crop vertical videos to fit the horizontal frame. Unfortunately, it’s gotten clunky. The save dialogue takes several seconds to save the clip, with no progress indicator. And every few seconds or so, it’ll just crash completely instead of saving. I’m a mobile app designer with hundreds of apps on my phone and none of them are anywhere near this crash-prone. I suspect building all the social sharing features (what? why?) have sapped their development resources from keeping the app running smoothly. I’m also irritated with the subscription model they’re pushing. Why would I pay a subscription for a product I only need to use once per year? I would much rather pay $20 once for a simple app that works, or $5/year at most. Plus... a lot of the “features” like brightness adjustment and removing the 1SE logo from the end of compiled videos, aren’t really features if you can just as easily edit the video in the default photos app and trim off the branding from the end of the clip. Cesar Kuriyama inspired me to start doing this in the first place and I really wanna support his app, but the payment options they’re pushing aren’t great.

Rasim_Compton, Jan 12, 2021
Here one day, gone the next

I had posted this a while back “I absolutely Love this app. I’ve been using the free one for a year now and have been taking videos every day. However, it seems that a lot of the features of the free app are being taken away. We no longer can do 1.5 seconds for a clip and we can now only have one video where as before we could have two for each day. I understand that the free app will need to have limitations compared to the pro, however it seems like pretty soon there’s not going to be anything left on the free app. And the jump to pro is quite big in regards to cost. I’m really bummed that the app has changed so much in literally two days as I had access to all these features Thursday.” Soon after this changes were made to the app and these features we accessible again without the pro and just he initial payment app. However, my phone just updated to the most recent iOS and with it, those few features went away, again I can only have one clip a day, no 1.5 second clips, and now I can’t even create multiple montages. Again, I understand that the free app will need to have limitations compared to the pro, however i’m really bummed that they brought these features back and then removed them again as well as a few more.

Tilly838, Mar 03, 2019


1 Second Everyday is a video diary that makes it easy to take your day-to-day moments and create a meaningful movie of your life. It’s a home for all your notable memories, not just the Insta-worthy. Get started with 1SE today! 2x winner of the “Best Use of a Mobile Camera” WEBBY Award.

Featured by Apple, BBC, TED, CNN, Fast Company and more! "For over 10 years, I’ve been recording 1 second every day, so I’ll never forget another day ever again. This project had such a positive impact on my day-to-day life after a few months, that I dedicated my life to making a mobile app which would make it easy for anyone to do this too. Being able to relive every single day has provided me with a treasured perspective on life. It holds me accountable for making each day notable. When I turned 40, I had a 1-hour movie that encapsulated my 30s. If I live to see 80 years of age, I’ll have a 5-hour video that summarizes 50 years of my life." - Cesar Kuriyama, 1SE Founder Why 1SE is awesome: - AD FREE: 1SE is free to use without ads! - AUTO-FILL: Don't know where to start? Auto-fill your days with ease! - ROTATE & FILL THE FRAME: Pesky vertical videos? Begone! Lopsided videos ruining your mash? No more! You can rotate and fill the frame to your heart's content. - UNLIMITED MASHING: Make 1SE videos of any custom length. Monthly, seasonal, or the past 5 years. You're in control. - 2 KINDS OF PROJECTS: Start out with two different styles of projects, ‘Freestyle’ for events or trips and ‘Journal’ for a classic day to day video diary. - NOTES: Take note of your day and leave a private message for yourself. - REMINDERS: Set up friendly creative reminders, so you never forget a day! - PRIVACY: Your seconds are never shared with anyone unless you decide to do it. Our core app is free to use but if you want to help support our growing team while gaining access to more features try 1SE Pro! 1SE PRO FEATURES: - Collaboration: Invite your friends to collaborate on videos and remember your life together. - Unlimited backup: Secure your life’s most precious memories and never lose them again! - Unlimited projects: Create as many Freestyle or Journal projects as you want. - Multiple snippets a day: Up to two separate snippets in a day. - Longer snippets: Capture up to 10 seconds per snippet! - Add music: Gain access to royalty-free songs and add some music to your mashes! - Brightness: Edit the shadows and exposure with our updated snippet selector. - Remove 1SE Branding: Remove the date and logo at the end of your videos. Pro & Subscription FAQ: https://help.1se.co/pro-faq Privacy Policy: https://1se.co/privacy/ Terms of Use: https://1se.co/terms-service We love your feedback and appreciate your reviews. Reach out to us at [email protected] Follow 1SE on: - Instagram: @1SecondEveryday - Twitter: @1SecondEveryday - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1SecondEveryday

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